2 Wire Pairs VDSL2 & Carrier Ethernet CPE

Today, a transmission rate up to several gigabits per second is needed in all respects. With fiber lines this is not only a need any longer, but becomes also a reality. But many operators are bounded by the given local network infrastructure with partly outdated cable technologies. So, the question which is asked really often these days: Is it possible to provide high bandwidth services up to more than 500 Mbps despite copper?

We at albis-elcon say Yes! Our new Customer Premises Equipment ACCEED 3102 brings advanced Carrier Ethernet features to the VDSL access network and thus, the capability to deliver a high bandwidth service up to 800 Mbps over copper lines thanks to two bonded VDSL2 lines. So, even with partly outdated transmission technologies, end customers will experience a fast and easy network connection.
So, you see, our mission is to connect everybody anywhere. And with our ACCEED 3102 we really leave nobody behind!

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